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Amazing Randy

I was listening to a podcast of Darkness Radio a few weeks ago, wherein a paranormal researcher had submitted a proof or perhaps it was an invention to The Amazing Randy. Randy totally misrepresented the researcher’s work in denying him the prize.

It then struck me: Randy’s function is to keep the boat from rocking, to keep the status quo, to operate for the corporate-government institutions.

Did electricity exist before Ben Franklin flew his kite? Did the Americas exist before Western Europe found them? Gravity? Sound waves? Solar power?

That which many of us call magic is also a force in the universe which is still “undiscovered”. There are many classes, websites, and CDs that explain how we can shape our own lives through mental exercises. (My favorite teacher is Mike Dooley, at www.tut.com.) And while I may not know how this works, I can still bend reality. I don’t know much about electricity, either, but I can flip a switch when the sun goes down.

Randy thwarts exploration of the psychic/paranormal aspects of reality and does us all a disservice.

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  1. One can’t know unless one accepts that there is knowledge.

    Where did that come from?

    I need more coffee.

    I think one of the greatest disservices that those like The Not-So-Amazing Randy inflict upon us is to discredit “imagination”. As in: “It’s all in their imagination”.

    Well, Duh. Nothing is real which was not first imagined, after all. Even when we are perceiving what we acknowledge as physical reality, that manifestation first developed in thought. Our thought? Someone else’s thought? It doesn’t really matter in the long run. We still perceive it, and ergo our own “imaginations” have agreed to the existence of the form.

    Randy denies the proof and debunks the invention, not because it’s all in someone else’s imagination … but because he has no imagination of his own.