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I discovered www.bulletjournal.com this past November. I tried it out for a couple months in an old blank book to see how I’d like it. January of this year I bought myself a Leuchtturn1917 in navy and set about getting serious with it.

I’ve been pretty much doing it as shown on the Bullet Journal site, but adding pages of information as I went along. I was keeping a list in my phone, of things we needed for the kitchen in the cabin we rent each year at Waters Edge in Bolton Landing NY, but it was awkward to use. I transferred it to my BuJo. I’ve added a few things to it, and it works well. I take notes in it when major new policies are introduced at work. I have notes about the French, Russian, and Spanish languages. I have a list of books I want to read. I’ve stuck to the vision Ryder Carroll presented, but now I’m ready to branch out.

There are TONS of ideas out there. Just google “Bullet Journal” or “BuJo” and you will come up with a lot of sites, blogs dedicated to bullet journaling. Or is that “journalling”? ¬†Anyway, see what others have done, but don’t get so wrapped up in creative projects that you lose site of what you’re trying to accomplish. This past week, I changed the way I enter my Monthly diagram and also my Weekly one. Came up with a couple of things I want to incorporate.

I’ve decided to use a page to track my reading. I have a bad habit of buying an e-book, and another, and another, and not quite finishing anything. The page I use lists the book title,and then a horizontal line of blocks, numbered for each of the chapters. I color in each one I’ve finished.

I started a list of meals, too. I took the majority of them from the book Always Hungry. I think the diet described there is the most physiologically logical one, but I am just such a carboholic, it is difficult for me to adhere to any diet.

I want to figure out the best way to track the moon’s phases in my BuJo. I am searching for spreads, but I haven’t found one yet that I think I can live with.


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