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Tarot spreads for beginners

I was listening to a podcast yesterday. It was said that the Celtic Cross was a great tarot spread for beginners. I beg to disagree. I think CC is terrible for newbies, I know I had a terrible time with it, and nearly gave up reading because of it. When you’re armed only with a […]

My Moon’s in Gemini

And one thing symbolized by Gemini is the hand. When I was a young teen, I invented my own palmistry system, trying to coordinate the lines on my hands to my perceived fantasy future. A cousin came to visit from her home 3000 miles away, and I read her palm using my system. I remember […]

What I like about you!

You? No, not *you*. Granted, I like everybody until they royally piss me off, and I’m not all that prone to getting pissed off. It’s what I like about my favorite subject, astrology, but that title’s not an eye-catcher. It’s the depth, the breadth, the variety, the just-about-anything-can-be-given-an-astrological-touch. People, buildings, baseball, questions, companies, cities, airline […]

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