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John Adams

I’m not much of a television watcher. I was only peripherally aware of the series, “The West Wing”, while it was on. I purchased the full seven-season set of DVDs a couple of years ago, and my husband & I watched from beginning to end four times over. I love the world of politics, having […]

Food Allergies

I was tested for nearly 100 food allergies, and about 30 came back positive. Dairy products, I knew, but wheat? Blueberries? Bananas? Yeast, yogurt, strawberries, white potatoes, chocolate, coffee, honey, lettuce??? I even got a business card-sized card with all the allergies, in fine print, in four columns, to help me remember what not to […]

Long-awaited update and a musing

Mom’s doing much better. She’s almost ready to drive. She’s slow, but moving well. I’m wondering how my friend Dave is doing, and if his classes are over for the year. Must email him. I’m aware that I need to do another palmistry lesson. Will work on it over the weekend.

Mom update

I’m being “discharged” this evening. She is moving around well enough to handle simple tasks. I let myself snooze in, this morning, when I heard her bustling in the kitchen, just to see if she could take care of herself.

A new day

Mom had a bad night, but it may have been the morphine and/or the diazepam. She feels much better today, and has been told she can go home. I will be staying with her at least 24 hours, to make sure she can function on her own.

Doing Fine

Mom’s in a room and resting. We’ll know more tomorrow.

To Pop

Dearest thoughts fly to him, as his doctors quickly find the source of his problems and correct them easily!

For Gayze

To my web maven: As life closes windows, watch for the doors that will open on vistas with new things in store! May Joe’s job be replaced with something better and sweeter.

Katelyn’s First Phrase!

She’s not 13 months yet, but the other day she put her first two words together! (You’ll like this, Gayze!) “Hi, Doggie!” (or more accurately, “Hi, deegee”)

Welcome, all!

My thanks to my dear friend, Gayle, for setting up this site for me, and for her lovely opening post. I have been dabbling in many subjects for many years. I may not be the world’s most learned individual, but I do have the desire and ability to heal. Join me as I wander through […]