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Post-Agrarian Paganism

I’ve been listening to, and mulling over, Episode 10 of The Magical Earth podcast. This is produced by four witches in Ontario who initially complained that the Sabbats didn’t exactly match the seasons they were to celebrate. This is due not only to their Northern location, but to the phenomenon we’re experiencing, often called “Climate […]


It stands for Totally Unique T-shirts, but it’s come to mean so much more. I love introducing people to www.tut.com. It’s Mike Dooley’s site, and I just love it. Mike had a few brief appearances in the movie “The Secret”. His slant on The Law of Attraction is much more than wishing for a particular […]

Amazing Randy

I was listening to a podcast of Darkness Radio a few weeks ago, wherein a paranormal researcher had submitted a proof or perhaps it was an invention to The Amazing Randy. Randy totally misrepresented the researcher’s work in denying him the prize. It then struck me: Randy’s function is to keep the boat from rocking, […]

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