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Food Allergies

I was tested for nearly 100 food allergies, and about 30 came back positive. Dairy products, I knew, but wheat? Blueberries? Bananas? Yeast, yogurt, strawberries, white potatoes, chocolate, coffee, honey, lettuce??? I even got a business card-sized card with all the allergies, in fine print, in four columns, to help me remember what not to eat.

I can’t have sugar: I’ve got a systemic infection. My neurotransmitters are lower than Death Valley, and my testosterone levels are horrid even for a female. Estradiol? Don’t ask. Oy. I’ve got supplements and topicals galore, and a new diet to go with it all.

I started a makeshift version of my diet (makeshift b/c I don’t understand it yet), and I am just starving! It’s a Rotation Diet (no, not “spin around and throw up”) so you can only eat certain things on certain days. Today is Day 1,which I will dub “Chicken Day”. Tomorrow will be “Shrimp & Pork Day”, day 3 is “Turkey Day” and Day 4 is “Tuna Day”. There are other protein sources each day, and veggies & fruits & stuff that also rotate. I must analyze the crap out of the acceptable daily foods and see why broccoli is allowed on Tuna Day and not on Shrimp Day, for instance. Hmmmm…. I’m allergic to strawberries and blueberries, but I see that Tuna Day allows black and red raspberries. And here I thought all berries were the same. Nope, they’re not.

This is gonna be quite a chore figuring out. But as I regain neurotransmitters, it should get easier. After all, I did belong to Mensa at one point in my life. (And then I got smarter: “Why am I paying $xx for membership when I don’t go to meetings?”)

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  1. Well, geez, seems to me your card would be easier to carry around if it listed what you’re NOT allergic to!

    Hugs, dear friend. This doesn’t sound like a whole heck of a lotta fun!