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It stands for Totally Unique T-shirts, but it’s come to mean so much more. I love introducing people to www.tut.com. It’s Mike Dooley’s site, and I just love it.
Mike had a few brief appearances in the movie “The Secret”. His slant on The Law of Attraction is much more than wishing for a particular necklace. He’s truly more spiritual than the other “gurus” that appeared more heavily. Since he was also a businessman and CPA, he has the equivalent of a business plan to help you achieve the spiritual goals you desire.
Many of the gurus whose videos I’ve seen just rub me the wrong way, as if they are just in it for the money. Mike makes no bones about the fact that he never intended to shape his life in the image of what he’s currently got, but that as life filed out in this interesting way, he’s been thrilled and very happy at the results.
He doesn’t push a lot of “methods”, but he makes it clear that you cannot demand *how* you’re going to achieve your goals, but that you will.
I don’t know if anything I’ve put forward here makes sense, but do cut and paste www.tut.com into your browser, and see Mike’s Adventurer’s Club.
I’m an Adventurer. Join me.

Note: this was originally written April 30, but for some reason I didn’t publish it. I am doing so now.

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  1. Well, you know I love Mike! 😀