Flame & Feather

of the Phoenix

Welcome, all!

My thanks to my dear friend, Gayle, for setting up this site for me, and for her lovely opening post.

I have been dabbling in many subjects for many years. I may not be the world’s most learned individual, but I do have the desire and ability to heal. Join me as I wander through several subjects, learn with me, and allow me to share what knowledge is already mine.

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  1. It’s a pleasure, my dear! I for one know how much you have to share and truly look forward to following your site as it grows!

  2. Yea! Nice job on the site Gayze. Looking good Phoeners!

  3. Phoeney did a lot of this on her own! I’m pleased to have been able to help where I could, of course.

  4. Hell I did. I picked the easy tasks to do. Gayze’s the brains behind this site.

  5. “After you, No, after you!”


    Don’t discredit yourself, though. Setting up your own domain email addresses was a task that a lot of people wouldn’t have been brave enough to tackle!