Flame & Feather

of the Phoenix

What I like about you!

You? No, not *you*. Granted, I like everybody until they royally piss me off, and I’m not all that prone to getting pissed off.

It’s what I like about my favorite subject, astrology, but that title’s not an eye-catcher.

It’s the depth, the breadth, the variety, the just-about-anything-can-be-given-an-astrological-touch. People, buildings, baseball, questions, companies, cities, airline flights, volcano eruptions.

And so, phoener.com has its own chart. This site was born April 27, 2009 at 1:37 pm EDT, in Middleburg, NY. Here is its chart as shown by SolarFire 6.0.


(No, the modes and elements aren’t correct. I changed SolarFire’s system while studying with Kelly Lee Phipps and never changed them back.)

We got ourselves a little Taurus site. It ain’t going anywhere soon. Everything that goes on, on this site, will go through a CPU of Taurean style. It is solid, practical, comfort-loving, and nature-loving. Okay, so it can’t plant any Real Life gardens, but it will in time display a variety of beautiful ideas and subjects.

Its Moon is in Gemini. That makes it a chatty little communicator down in its cyber-soul. Should make it a good place for exchange.

Its Ascendant (Rising Sign) is Leo, so it will present itself in a Glamourflage kind of way, very showy and LOOK AT ME!, but generous and fun.

Those are the main points. We also have Mercury, the planet of communication, in Gemini, the sign of communication, in the 10th house (a division of the chart), so it will be a very public conversation. Mars & Venus, the planets of sexual energy, are together in the house of secrets, but I don’t want any trysts arranged here! I run a clean house, I tell you! 🙂 Aw, geez, and they’re close to Uranus, which makes for some electric high energy, and a desire for independence. My son’s got this energy. The girls like him. Pluto is in the house of recreation and re-creation, and is very explosive. It’s me getting angry if there are any of those trysts I mentioned.

Little phoener.com has the asteroid Ceres near the ascendant, and Saturn further away, but still in the first house. There will be abundance, security, and stability. Opposite the ascendant are Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter. These are teachers, especially of a spiritual nature.

It’s the chart of the site I wanted: a safe place to gather and express ideas, especially spiritual ones. I wish for people to find healing here, either from me and my words, or from the others who have joined here.

Welcome to my site, and Merry Meet!


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  1. I love it! A positive, energetic chart for what promises to be a positive, energetic website!